An introduction into ResiRoof® and its formation

ResiRoof´s GRP Roofing System formed on the back of Supply & Demand, Composite Roof Supplies, the company behind the brand quickly realised the consumer of today seek quality as well as quantity, a Fibreglass Roof system which was not only cost effective but performed well under extreme conditions.

The brand name was formed in late 2018, A play on words meant the system showed clarity, thus Resi (Resin) Roof combine the words and this brand is exactly in the name, with extensive R&D along side the manufacturing company the launch of ResiRoof® in February 2019 very quickly became a hit among Builders, Flat Roofers and DIY Customers alike.

We wanted a flat roof system which could be used by all customer types, features like the colour change mechanism in the Resin to let you know the process of curing had started by a gradual change in visual aspects, a virgin grade Resin which shows clarity when consolidating the material when combined with the Fibreglass Matting. Simple upgrades to the systems core materials ensures the consumer has a good experience. 

Mission statement

Our Mission! The mission is simple, to create a seamless service to all our customers, a process of simplicity to solve a problem, offering a product that does exactly what it´s intended purpose is.

The business profile is built around trust and honesty. Our target market includes UK Business owners in the Roofing & Building industry as well as supporting the DIY Customer. Our customer support and knowledge is unrivalled, The company has a philosophy that ensures we keep it real and bring good value to all our customers when offering our products and service.

Our Moto

Our main objective is to continually build client confidence via a quality service throughout the UK with a product that is first class, has superior life-span and is competitively priced”

Social Media

Social media Profiles

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